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Event Calendar

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Hawkesbury Wastewater Treatment Facility
Hawkesbury Wastewater Treatment Facility 815 Main Street East Hawkesbury K6A 1B5 Canada
October 5th, 2019  8:30am - 2pm 
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Hagersville Secondary School
Hagersville Secondary School 70 Parkview Road Hagersville N0A 1H0 Canada
October 5th, 2019 9am - 1pm 
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Port Carling – Eveleigh Transfer Station
Eveleigh Transfer Station 1174 Eveleigh Road Port Carling P0B 1J0 Canada
October 5th, 2019  9am - 2pm
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Owen Sound Public Works Facility
Owen Sound Public Works Facility 1900 20th Street East Owen Sound N4K 1Z4 Canada
October 5th, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Gravenhurst Landfill
Gravenhurst Landfill 1052 Beiers Road Gravenhurst P0E 1G0 Canada
October 8th, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Port Severn – Baxter Transfer Station
Baxter Transfer Station 980 South Bay Road Canada
October 9th, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Port Carling – Eveleigh Transfer Station
Eveleigh Transfer Station 1174 Eveleigh Road Port Carling P0B 1J0 Canada
October 10th, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Algonquin Highlands – Maple Lake Landfill
Maple Lake Landfill McPhail Road K0M 1J1 Canada
October 12th, 2019 1pm - 5pm
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Happens to
my Waste?

The Orange Drop program safely manages five materials to end-of-life, diverting harmful substances from landfill and waterways. Many of the materials collected through the Orange Drop Program, such as pressurized containers and batteries are reprocessed, refurbished or reused to make new products—easing the demand for energy and virgin resources.

Event Calendar

City of Toronto – Thompson Memorial Park
Thompson Memorial Park 1005 Brimley Road Toronto M1P 3E8 Canada
September 12, 2019 4 - 8 p.m.

Dorset – Ridout Ward Transfer Station
Ridout Ward Transfer Station 21909 Ontario 35 Dorset P0A 1E0 Canada
June 22, 2019 1pm - 5pm

Dwight Transfer Station
Dwight Transfer Station 1020 Oxtongue Rapids Park Road Dwight P0A 1H0 Canada
July 18, 2019 9am - 2pm

About Us

The five materials in the Orange Drop program are managed by Stewardship Ontario (batteries & pressurized containers) and Automotive Materials Stewardship (antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters).

Stewardship Ontario and Automotive Materials Stewardship are both not-for-profit organizations funded and governed by the industries that are the brand owners, first importers or franchisors of the products and packaging materials managed under our recycling programs.

At Orange Drop, we strive to find new ways to turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s consumer products.


August Conest: Where does the material go?
Blog Post

August 2, 2019 - Orange Drop has launched a contest open to Ontario residents, running from August 2 to August 31, 2019. The prize is one pair of two (2) tickets to a Toronto Blue Jays game; 1 winner total. Participants can enter either on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, participants must enter the correct answer in the Facebook Contest Form. On Twitter, participants must tweet reply the correct answer to the Orange Drop trivia question Visit our Facebook page or Twitter page to find the post. The rules and regulations for the contest are accessible here.