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Event Calendar

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Trenton Public Works Yard
Trenton Public Works Yard 30 Pelham Street Quinte West K8V 5A7 Canada
April 20, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Toronto – Allan Gardens
Allan Gardens 19 Horticultural Avenue Toronto M5A 2P2 Canada
April 20, 2019 10am - 2pm
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Georgetown – Robert C. Austin Operations Centre
Robert C. Austin Operations Centre 11620 Trafalgar Road Halton Hills L7G 5Z8 Canada
April 27, 2019 8am - 2pm
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Shannonville – Tyendinaga Municipal Office
Tyendinaga Municipal Office 859 Melrose Road Shannonville K0K 3A0 Canada
April 27, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Toronto – Sir Casimir Gzowski Park
Sir Casimir Gzowski Park 1751 Lake Shore Boulevard West Toronto Canada
April 27, 2019 10am - 2pm
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Don Mills – Donwood Plaza
Donwood Plaza 81 Underhill Drive #51 Toronto M3A 1K8 Canada
April 28, 20198 10am - 2pm
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Toronto – Stanley Park South
Stanley Park South 700 Wellington Street West Toronto M5V 1G7 Canada
May 2, 2019 4pm - 8pm
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L’Amable – Dungannon Landfill Site
Dungannon Landfill Site 164 Pinnacle Road L'Amable K0L 2L0 Canada
May 4, 2019 9am - 2pm
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Happens to
my Waste?

The Orange Drop program safely manages five materials to end-of-life, diverting harmful substances from landfill and waterways. Many of the materials collected through the Orange Drop Program, such as pressurized containers and batteries are reprocessed, refurbished or reused to make new products—easing the demand for energy and virgin resources.

Event Calendar

Beaverton Thorah Community Centre
Beaverton Thorah Community Centre 176 Main Street Beaverton L0K 1A0 Canada
April 27, 2019 8am - 12pm

Espanola Public Works Dept.
Espanola Public Works Dept. 596 2nd Avenue Espanola P5E 1C4 Canada
April 27, 2019 8am - 4pm

St. Clair Township – Clean Harbors Facility
Clean Harbors Facility 4090 Telfer Road Corunna N0N 1G0 Canada
April 27, 2019 9am - 2pm

About Us

The five materials in the Orange Drop program are managed by Stewardship Ontario (batteries & pressurized containers) and Automotive Materials Stewardship (antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters).

Stewardship Ontario and Automotive Materials Stewardship are both not-for-profit organizations funded and governed by the industries that are the brand owners, first importers or franchisors of the products and packaging materials managed under our recycling programs.

At Orange Drop, we strive to find new ways to turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s consumer products.


Wind up of the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program
Blog Post

February 27, 2019 - On April 12, 2018, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change issued direction to Stewardship Ontario to wind up the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program by December 31, 2020. Upon wind up, materials collected under the MHSW Program will be managed according to an individual producer responsibility (IPR) framework under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016. On December 11, 2018, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks amended the timelines for the wind up of single-use batteries. The waste diversion program for single-use batteries will now cease operation on June 30, 2020, to allow for coordination with waste electrical and electronic equipment. Programs for other MHSW materials will continue to cease operation on December 31, 2020. Stewardship Ontario is developing the MHSW Wind Up Plan for submission to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (the Authority) by June 30, 2019. The Authority will then consult with stakeholders on the contents of the submitted plan and it is anticipated the Authority will approve the plan no later than December 31, 2019. Click here for more information regarding the Wind Up Plan and consultations